At we use so-called cookies (small text files in your internet browser) to store different types of information related to the users of our website. For example, we use cookies to "remember" which language you have chosen to display on the website. Cookies help us make the experience better for you. In addition, we use cookies to conduct analyzes that help us to become more aware of customer behavior and visitor frequency on the website, including deduce statistics about various conditions such as which devices, browsers and languages ​​our customers use.

1. Owner Information

Dansk Træemballage A/S
Hindemaevej 76
5540 Ullerslev
Tel. 65351210


2. Application

We use cookies for the following:

  • To remember which language you have chosen to display on the website.
  • To follow your behavior on the website in order to extract statistics.

The information is collected by Google Analytics and used to uncover behavior and user statistics.

Our IT suppliers may come into contact with customer data, but are individually subject to data processing agreements, cf. the EU Personal Data Regulation.

3. Third parties that put cookies

The following third parties put cookies on the website.

  • Google Analytics (read more here)


4. Delete or block cookies

If you want to be completely anonymous, it is possible to block or delete cookies. How this is done varies depending on the internet browser you have installed.

My Cookies Website describes both deletion and blocking for the most popular internet browsers.


5. Other data collection

The data entered in our contact form is transferred to our CRM system to facilitate and streamline subsequent communication with the customer.