Ulsa remains committed to the production of pallet collars in DenmarkUlsa remains committed to the production of pallet collars in Denmark

The timber industry is doing well. Or at least Ulsa Pack A / S is doing well. These days we have to run fast to keep up with the demand of pallet collars, which we produce in our own factory in Funen. Several years ago we decided, that we would keep the production of our wooden packaging in Denmark. This was despite the fact, that we have warehouse in Slovakia, where we could also have chosen to start up production. But we saw great potential in the automation of the factory in Denmark, and we could therefore continue to produce our pallet collars, plywood boxes and other products, and at the same time be a globally oriented company with customers all over the world.

Automation opens the way to new surroundings

The high automation of the factory has been implemented for quite some time now, and it has been a success. We have a well-trimmed and efficient production, and we would like to emphasize that we intend to continue our production in Denmark. However, after 68 years at the same location, we needed something new to happen. But why move when you have your headquarters in the middle of  Denmark  close to the customers? We can reach 75% of the market within 4 hours drive. That is the whole of Denmark (except Bornholm) and down to Hamburg in northern Germany. Both we and our customers appreciate this flexibility.

Therefore, we have now built a new building on two levels with 200 m2 on each level for our administration. The former administration was situated in buildings that  were from 1946, and it was time to give them an overhaul. And we must say that both management and staff are very pleased with the beautiful new rooms. You can see pictures of our new office building on the site.