ULSA PACK is a family-owned company with a history that goes way back. The company has developed from its earliest beginnings as a supplier to agriculture to become the supplier to industry it is today.

1946 Cardboard box production at the Ullerslev sawmill

When consul Theodor Muus closed the Odense sawmill in 1946, the starting pistol was sounded for all-new production at Ullerslev. The box packaging department from the defunct Odense sawmill was transferred to a new company, A/S Savmøllen i Ullerslev, established in 1946 with J.P.R. Hansen (chairman), A. Broby (rep) and J.J. Jensen (foreman) as shareholders. The factory was located close to the station, on a plot occupying 2,300 m2, purchased by farm-owner Wind Hansen. On 1 October 1946, a crew of 17 began work at the factory.

1946–1962 Packaging for agriculture

In the early years, production at the sawmill mainly involved wooden crates for fruit, cheese, butter, condensed milk and beer. The packaging was for agricultural produce – the main industry in Denmark in the mid-20th century.


1962–1970 The sawmill expands and machinery takes over

From 1962 to 1970, the sawmill undergoes considerable expansion. More land is acquired and built on to enable the factory to keep pace with demand, and it now has a staff of 75. It was also during this period that automation was introduced into the factory, with ongoing investments in new machinery that took over more and more of the laborious work previously done manually.


1970–1992 Pallet production begins

From the 1970s, the packaging market started to change. Plastic and cardboard were introduced for small boxes, and the new materials supplemented the use of timber. This was when the sawmill began producing pallets. Industrial production in Denmark had expanded significantly. More goods required transportation, and this had to be done efficiently and safely. Industry became the primary buyer of the sawmill’s products, which also included pallet frames and finished goods for selling on as well as semi-finished goods.

1992– New times and a new name

In the late 1990s, the sawmill changed its name to ULSA PACK A/S. A new name to signify modern times and international trade. Today, the company employs a staff of approximately 45, most of whom work in production.